Terms, that every designer must know

Every designer has to know a lot of different stuff and as much work he does, as much knowledge he has to have.   What is Pantone?   The color matching system developed by Pantone. Mostly used in print design for color-matching, printing with those that appear on the screen during the digital design phase of the layout.   What is PDF?   File format best used to represent documents and presentations.   What is PPI?   A measure of image resolution according to the number of dots present within a given area of the image.   What is PNG?   The image file format, which is best used when the image has large areas of uniform color or transparent background (unlike JPEG).   What is Resolution?   The method of measuring the sharpness and level of detail in the image. Higher resolution usually specifies a larger file size that represents the number of data points (or pixels) within the image.