The best constructors for site creation

We wanna tell you about the most popular types of constructors that are guaranteed to give you the opportunity to create your own website. Ukit This constructor is considered to be one of the simplest and most powerful as well as the most effective. In practice, it’s observed that Ukit has no coding or complicated […]

A book for designers

  The book is divided into three sections: Letter, Text, and Grid. But this structure is very conditional – the author constantly jumps from topic to topic – just talked about font licenses, but here we are talking about HTML title tags, or “branding”.   The book will be very useful for the overall development […]

Instagram inspiration: photography

Instagram has become the basis for the career of the famous photographer Hiroaki Fukuda. He started his work as an amateur on Instagram in Tokyo and eventually got a huge number of followers.   When the big brands caught wind of his talent and started hiring him for different projects, he became a full-time Stangroom […]

Typography inspiration from Instagram

Beautiful typography means not only letters. In fact, some of the best printers in the world come from the Arabic, from the manuscript. There are many features that make the Arabic inscriptions so aesthetic: they are written from right to left, they may contain accents and dots or lines, and the letters can vary in […]

Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight

Watching documentary films is very important for designers and also it’s quite useful. One among those, that are interesting to watch is ‘Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight’.     The film covers the entire breadth of the creativity of Milton Glaser, the eminent designer, who personifies American graphic design for many people. From the […]

Terms, that every designer must know

Every designer has to know a lot of different stuff and as much work he does, as much knowledge he has to have.   What is Pantone?   The color matching system developed by Pantone. Mostly used in print design for color-matching, printing with those that appear on the screen during the digital design phase […]

Of Site Launches Perpetual Beta

Welcome to idea21 1.0… There comes a time that you just have to launch. It’s a credo of the Lean and Agile mindsets. Launch something good now, rather than perfect later. Fail quickly. It’s OK. Learn. Put the pieces back together. Launch again. Eventually it looks, feels and acts right. There are few central things […]