Case Study: TMC???X Accelerator

Assignment: Design a comprehensive brand and environmental experience conducive to innovation in hardware and software technology primarily but not exclusively for healthcare. The TMC-X Accelerator launched with a $3 billion budget supported by all 54 institutions of the Texas Medical Center (TMC). By leveraging the Texas Medical Center???s research, intellectual and human capital, the Accelerator provides an ideal environment for building radical and disruptive technologies. These innovations promise to make a positive impact on the lives and lifestyles of countless individuals. It combines the full breadth of resources to unify investment, mentorship and commercialization for promising new products and models. Ultimately, it will become a sustaining venture that draws the brightest and most dynamic talent to TMC-X, while producing a continuous series of breakthroughs that rival Silicon Valley leaders.

Project Roles

Project & Brand Strategy Brand and Environmental Visual Design Creative Copywriting

Framing Brand & Mission

Idea21 defined the TMC-X Accelerator's brand as delivering:
  • A sustainable and dynamic ecosystem for innovation in technology and research.
  • A convergence of talent, ideas, and resources for the nations most innovative minds to flourish at the Texas Medical Center
  • A world-class institution that accelerates deployment and commercialization of new technology to meaningfully benefit lives and improves quality of life.
  • The radical innovation of Silicon Valley with the rigor and accountability of academic research institutes.
  • A complete mentorship team to advise start-up efforts along each stage of development.

Visual Design Approach

The design uses neutral color to anchor a sense of minimalist design and precise focus. Patent drawing art creates visual pattern and meaning by stimulating resident innovators thinking beyond their specific expertise. Precision application of brushed aluminum signage extends minimalist design aesthetic while the specific application of color adds energy and playfulness. Location and information graphic treatments add to the sense of engineered execution, while bold super graphic innovation keywords define the mission without preconceived notions of context. Keywords also respond to and follow around corners and perforations, illustrating the defeat of obstacles.

Project Team

idea21 Judson Design Associates Gensler | Houston

Word Play

Large letterforms are 48" vinyl letter application. These words help reinforce the nature of the TMC-X mission while helping to better define the space. These letters are meant to traverse right angles and jump planes to add energy and discovery throughout the space.

Integrating Brand & Environment

Patent drawing art and graphic keywords define the space and the mission.

Keyword Inspirations

Innovation Disruptive Innovation Exploration Iteration Visualization Execution Invention Research Ingenuity Hypothesis Collaboration Partnership Revolution Challenge Breakthrough