Designing your winning state

Innovating means moving beyond best practices

Design Thinking at idea21

In recent years, thought leaders in design and business have pioneered a new means of driving innovation: design thinking. Through design thinking, these leaders question fundamental aspects of their businesses, products, and processes. They do not seek mere improvements in efficiencies, or marginally higher returns on investment. What they are seeking are means to create genuine competitive advantage within their market segments. At its core, design thinking combines analytical thinking with intuitive thinking. The objective is the creation of new, valid models for business. Design thinking bridges the gap between known data and preferred outcomes—the winning states that deliver sustained competitive advantage. Idea21 utilizes design thinking to create a common language for innovation between creative, strategy and technology teams. This identifies opportunities, frames challenges, and leads to successful outcomes. Through facilitated sessions, workshops, and independent consulting, idea21 applies a range of design thinking approaches and techniques that open new opportunities to compete and disrupt.