Visualizing the science of skills

Bringing context and meaning to a powerful set of employmee/employer matching APIs

Building a Visual Brand and Pattern Library for

Assignment: Create a unique and meaningful brand identity, and focus the core values of the brand as embodied by the product, service offering, and market through visual expression of key API modules. Early iterations focused the core of the brand and product as deploying "the science of skills." SkillsEngine offers a revolutionary means of aligning curriculum and skill statements with job descriptions and accompanying experience parameters via a proprietary software engine that reveals deeper sets of skills in applicant pools and significantly outperforms keyword filters currently in broad use for finding qualified job applicants. The product has broad applications in B2B HR functions, government employment programs, universities, community colleges, and technical schools. Improved, systematic approaches to identifying core skills of job applicant have the potential to significantly expand the talent pipeline and alleviate shortages of qualified applicants in a broad range of economic sectors.

Project Roles

Brand Strategy Brand Identity Visual Icon System Pattern Library Design Illustration

SkillsEngine Brand Identity Development

The 3 finalists from the identity explorations:

Final SkillsEngine Brand Identity

The final signature symbol and name treatment. A lattice pattern extended the visual system.

Contextual Icon System

The visual system expanded to illustrate the Science of Skills. Individual icons for the SkillsEngine APIs became building blocks for larger images.

API Illustrations

The system utilized varying compositions using the base icon set to create illustrations for key API modules

Individual Competencies

Core Features

Competency Assessment

Education Assessment