Of Site Launches Perpetual Beta

Welcome to idea21 1.0... There comes a time that you just have to launch. It's a credo of the Lean and Agile mindsets. Launch something good now, rather than perfect later. Fail quickly. It's OK. Learn. Put the pieces back together. Launch again. Eventually it looks, feels and acts right. There are few central things to this site. It showcases a portfolio of Case Studies that capture a broader away of core capabilities and skills in real application. It's not a slideshow of beautiful visuals, nor is it meant to be. Look for growth here. It also is meant to be a forum to share thoughts, insights and experiences. It's a another worthy credo in the era of transparency we live in: Share something of value. It works for social media. It will be an experiment to see how it works here. Look around. Kick the tires. Feel free to share your thoughts. And come back soon. It will evolve—as all good design ventures do.